Time to get together again and keep on trucking.

14 Dec

Hi everyone,

Everyones post is awesome and so inspiring. Cece I have not looked at your links but after your post I am really excited to watch them and learn.

This post, is with the intent to continue moving.

Hola banda loca!

Queria ponerme en contacto para desearles felices fiestas a todos. Algunos nos vamos a ver y otros vamos a pasar alejados pero la energia se siente y los siento muy cerca a todos. Les mando un abrazo enorme a todos y disfruten con sus seres queridos! Que lindas las fiestas!

Che tambien queria proponer reunirnos denuevo y hablar sobre las cosas que estamos pensando y crear un set de action items para ir progresando con el proyecto. La semana pasada nos reunimos algunos y comentamos sobre ciertas cosas. La reunion fue mas social que otra cosas pero se tocaron temas interesantes como lugares donde el proyecto podria funcionar y ideas de que es lo que cada uno haria ahi.

Ya se que el cabeza tiene planeado empezar a hacer trabajos voluntarios en un jardin de vegetales en Houston y que el canadiense y maga tienen planeado ir a visitar unas comunidades en el futuro cercano.

Bueno propongo hacer la reunion el martes q viene a las 7pm central time, q les parece. Ya q estamos con el tema de donde seria el lugar, porfavor traten de conseguir contactos de gente q nos pueda averiguar precios de terrenos cerca de donde viven.

Por el momento les dejo un documental de un loco que hace, earthships, casas 100% auto suficientes. No se necesita ni electricidad externa, ni saniamiento externo, ni un grocery store cerca, la casa te da todo y vos le das todo a la casa claro.


Porfavor mirenlo que esta muy impresionante, esto si es el futuro!

abrazo a todos!

PD: Aca va su pagina que tiene disenios: http://www.dreamgreenhomes.com/plans/earthship.htm


Love! Thoughts from Ceceilia.

8 Dec

Dearest Osvaldians, and other friends,


I love this idea. This is exactly how my future life looks in my mind when I imagine a home, land, children, chickens, ducks, pigs, garden, etc… and in my mind, all of it also takes place near the ocean.

I think living in a community together with like-minded old friends and new friends is a fantastic and very healthy plan. That’s literally my dream-come-true, and all I really want for my life other than a fulfilling way to give back to the community / help people in need.

I have been thinking of all kind of ideas for interesting house-building with unique structures and self sustaining features. I dig your statement about small individual spaces for privacy and I can also envision really beautiful, comfy community hang-out areas. (Hammocks, cool structures from reclaimed wood and other materials, cushions, maybe a cooking & eating area / community kitchen – which also fits well with Chris and wattafars’ statements about living off of our own homegrown organic foods).

I also think simple/sustainable building materials are the way to go for houses, especially because these beautiful landscapes we imagine inhabiting happen to be prone to flooding and ocean-related disasters. I don’t mean that statement as a downer but more as in… if we don’t build elaborate wasteful dwellings, we wont be too far set back if we did have to vacate in the event of a huge wave, etc, messing some things up. We’d still have the land, and rebuilding wouldn’t be a big deal.

Y’all also read my mind about the need for someone to travel around and make it their goal to discover the perfect place for the osvaldian community. (When I use the Osvaldo/Osvaldian terminology, I also, as Dave stated, mean it to encompass this whole idea and anyone involved.  I don’t only mean it as our old group of friends but also any new people we grow to love, and a reference in general to this life-style we’ve all been talking about creating for the longest time). I think Osvaldian is a good replacement for Utopian, meant in a similar yet more realistic way to describe what we want for this “Osvaldo Dream.”

I like your thoughts on locations. Mr. Campbell has some great points about a coastal area of Peru.  I’m definitely a warm weather / coastal person. I can’t imagine all this taking place somewhere that gets very cold. I also like the thought of Costa Rica. I’m open to anything. I’m super interested in hearing feedback from those who embark on the adventure to try these places out with the future community in mind.

I think internet will be a great resource for us as well. As you mentioned – necessary for some of us to sustain ourselves or have a supplemental income in addition to any projects we create. Also, if we develop some projects similar to woofing or helpX, or a website to help raise funds or awareness for a project in our local surrounding community, we will want to maintain a nice website for the cause.


I have been brain-storming as far as certain causes we could work towards or job type things to support us.  Options are endless, especially with such creativity in this group. Whatever community projects / organization / website we begin could be styled towards art projects or writing as someone else mentioned. I really like the idea of becoming involved in the surrounding community as well; finding out if there are any health needs or other needs to be met. I see us interacting in a very positive and peaceful way with whichever place we decide to take root. I really like what’s already been suggested and I have some additional things to add.

Ways to sustain ourselves; ideas for both individual and community incomes:

Agriculture: either organic crops or farming something like shrimp as Mr. Campbell suggested

Coffee / Tea

Freelance work online: translations, tutoring, editing, consulting like Allan’s job, teaching English or other languages  (I am currently working part-time online, helping Korean children and adults practice their English in a skype-type of online classroom. It’s very easy and any of us could do something like that from anywhere with internet).

Partnering with citizens to help them sell local products as financial support for a project to better their community health or capacity development (<– learned that terminology from Crystal)

Learn from local artisans styles of creating things we could sell ourselves, while also helping them out

Make our own creations to sell

Start an online fair-trade shop with any type of textiles, art, jewelry, hand made goods including things listed above; or sell things created in our community on a site like Etsy

I also love what was just added about concerts, film projects, etc! Fantastic.

The options are wonderful and endless. Chris brings up a good point about some Osvaldians pioneering this plan. As most of you know, Paul and I are about to move to Thailand in less than a month and we plan to be there a couple of years.  I know it’s too far away for the Osvaldo Dream but it is a beautiful place and I think I can get some great ideas to share with our group while I live over there. I will be in touch because I will have internet and I’d love to stay in the loop with ideas for this plan.  I don’t have enough to invest at this point but I hope to save up some money for land and a house in the future, and I’ve been trying to think up the perfect place to build the home I have in my mind. I think the Osvaldo community sounds like the perfect place. Thank you Dave for starting this blog and for sending the word out. I look forward to reading all the contributions and I’ll be sending and trying to create good brain-storming vibes in the mean time.

I love you all,




Here are some current sites / organizations / projects / communities … that I respect and that we could get some ideas from. I know wattafars listed some already. (By the way, wattafars – what is your real name??)

Help Exchange http://www.helpx.net/  (Like woofing but not limited to farming projects. I’m about to travel around India doing help exchange projects for food and a place to stay. Could be a resource for us if we ever need to take on volunteers for something).

The Goodwin Project http://thegoodwinproject.com/index.php/footer-teaser  A family who surfs is traveling around the world with their 2 cute babies and a film crew, making a film about their experience. At first I thought they would be crazy but the more I read about them and see their photos, the more I totally love them. Watch the trailer for their film, they have a great mindset.

Auroville  http://www.auroville.org/  Community in southern India with some similar ideas as ours.  It was started in the 60s with the idea of a peaceful, all accepting, self sustaining community. They welcome people from all over the world to join. They have an ongoing project of reforesting the area and teaching local children how to do so.  Some of their ideas are beautiful and some seem a little “out there.”

TippyTap http://www.tippytap.org/  An infection prevention project that can be taught all over the world to help minimize illness and death from preventable diseases and diarrhea.  I love this and plan to build some in S.E. Asia. Watch the video, it’s really great and so simple.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdpd3roZjYw There are also a ton of other organizations doing similar things.

I’m sure I’ll think of more links to share later.


New Earth Community

6 Dec

Journey Statement:
Hola gente!!! Primero de todo le queria agradecer al Canadience y Allan por el buenismo post que hicieron! Gracias!

Mi vision es vivir en un lugar donde puedamos achieve nuestro better self through activities, sharing time with each other and benefiting all living things. A community based on compassion and love.

Un misión statement que quería compartir con todos que refleja bastante lo que yo siento es el de café gratitude :
“Café Gratitude is our expression of a world of plenty. Our food and people are a celebration of our aliveness. We select the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same. We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Our food is prepared with love. We invite you to step inside and enjoy being someone that chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, and experiencing being provided for. Have fun and enjoy being nourished. Welcome to Café Gratitude!”
I think the food for us to eat and or to sell should be mostly fruits and vegetables that allows as to live more in harmony with nature, instead of eating meat. I believe that animals are great to have since they are great companions and have the capacity to lift our spirits but not for eating. We can use them from milk, cheese etc.

Saying all this, I believe that having a coffee shop is a good idea for a project. Selling products that nourish our bodies while at the same time creating an “osvaldo spirit” environment would be awesome! I am open to other projects!
Other activities during the day could be Meditation sessions, Energy efficiency projects, surf, drinking mate, singing, mate etc.

Regarding the finances. What Dave proposed about different investors putting the Money in different adjacent lands is a good idea. Something that I want to point out is that I believe that no matter how much money each one puts on the project, everyone should have the same saying. I think this is part of our philosophy, of sharing our ideas and hearing what everybody has to say. At the end we are all equal and we should embrace that.
I probably won’t be one of big investors but could save some money, around 5-10 thousand, to buy a little piece of a land that one of the investors already bought. If the land is bought next year, I would probably not live there at the beginning since I would want to work some more in the US to save some more money and get Marynes a chance to work some in the U.S as well. However, I can contribute financially and with ideas in the mean time and my goal is to soon after, maybe 2013 move there.

Posibles lugares:

• Costa Rica. Un lugar tropical donde seguro se puede crecer comida con facilidad. Tambien vienen muchos turistas lo cual nos da la oportunidad de vender nuestra comida. Esta cerca de la playa y forests lo cual es algo que me gusta mucho. Otra ventaja es que conocemos gente como Elke, Ana Elisa y otras personas que nos pueden ayudar mucho en cómo comprar la tierra.

• Uruguay. Un pais muy lindo jeje. Un lugar que transmite mucha paz y encanto a la gente que va. Tiene playa y es un lugar bastante seguro. Obviamente hay
tambien ventaja ya que mi familia y amigos conocen bastante Uruguay.

• Ecuador. Un lugar tambien bastante tropical lo cual favorece el crecimiento de fruta/vegetales. Tiene buenas playas. Conozco Ecuatorianos aca en Houston que
se quieren meter en el projecto lo cual se nos facilitaria el processo de encontrar el lugar.
• Brasil. Same idea as Ecuador.
• I am open to other places 😉

Arriba the love generation! I will be talking to you soon.


The Viking Way

6 Dec

Hola querida gente! Dreams are being dreamed and reality is being lived. Las experiencias de la vida son el milagro.

Here is how I envision this project.

My idea is to create a natural, organic, autosufficient community with my friends and other awesome people that would join the ride. Everybody will work together towards imporving the place and improving each one of us. In this place the community members will be driven to work hard by love and individual and group motivation and everyone will help each other grow and progress as individuals. The project will include different moments for mental, spiritual and physical development. The project will be in balance with nature using local and renewal resources to build our houses, maintain our houses and create gardens to produce and live with our food. The food will be sacred. The ideal location is close to the mountains for spiritual retreats and close to the ocean for admiring the power and energy of the waves (and of course surfing). The project will include a library to continue learning and to hold all the documentation we create related to the progress of the project and experiences we had for future generations to have and learn from. The project will include growing vegetables and having some animals to give us food. Again, food will be sacred. The project will also motivate people to express themselves in their way (sculptures, paintings, music, writing, etc).

I envision the project being financed by some of our friends, which will own the land or buildings they buy. Then the entire project will have treasury that will make money from the project itself and donations and enventually the treasury will payoff the investors and the project will be self financing (projects and activities will need to be created to generate the money, vegetables, films, advertising, manuals, donations, events, concerts, and many other ideas). The lifestyle will be minimalistic but some money will be set aside for travels and expeditions. The project will incorporate everyones ideas. Everyone and everything will be the whole.

Place where I would consider starting the project:

Uruguay: Familiar, easy going country, close to the beach, fertile, beautiful land.

Brasil: Semi familiar, green friendly, close to the coast, some mountains, lots of options.

Peru: Some contacts, best waves, magical country and traditions.

Ecuador: Similar to Peru.

Mexico: Lots of options, beach close to mountain in Oaxaca, some what familiar but a little crazy politically maybe.

Argentina: North mountains, South beach, familiar.


The following are the things I would like to live with:

– Friends – motivation, support and fun

– Organic food – vegetable garden or farm, fetrile land.

– House made of local materials (Earthship)

– Less than 4hrs away from the waves.

We are alive, lets do it.


possible location

5 Dec


when I was travelling on the Buquebus back to BsAs from Mvdeo a week or so ago, I talked with a guy from Peru, who owns a shrimp farm in Tumbes in Peru, which is an area just south of the border with Ecuador. I remember from my days in Ecuador, that these are ideal climates and water temperatures for growing shrimp, Ecuador is a bit warmer so better, but this guy still says that this area in Peru is also profitable for shrimp. He owns about 100 hectares on the sea front, with 3.7 km of ocean front. I understand from Allan that Peru is a good area for surfing too. Tumbes is about 20 miles south of the Ecuador border, about 200 miles from Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, and about 200 miles north of Piura, Peru. Too remote? On the east side of the coastal area, there are National forest areas and Nature reserves. Just search Tumbes, Peru on google maps. The guy I spoke to said there have been investments in hotels for tourists in recent years. Peru is probably more friendly to foreigners than Ecuador these days, the economy is going well, as they have a Free Trade agreement signed with the US two or three years ago.

Dave’s perspective I

4 Dec


Hola amigos y surfistas del pire de la vida,

Esta vez, sin hesitar, paso de inmediato al ingles jeje

I wanted to share with you guys my personal perspective about this project, the “Osvaldo Dream”, and my thoughts about the objectives (ie mission statement), the finances, the scope of the project, etc… I would encourage you to all post a similar message!! But please don’t copy my ideas… hehe jk 😉

Where to begin???

Drawing by Allan 4 years ago


Well my dream is simply to be able to live in a community with my friends as neighbours, in a nice place, and have the freedom to develop my projects; some personal, some with my girlfriend, and some with my friends.  For me it really boils down to this, because I know that as long as I have my friends nearby, magic can happen– I experienced this in university.  But I don’t want to do this for just one year, or five years; I want to have a permanent base in such a community for the rest of my life.  I want our children to grow up together.  The question becomes: how can this situation be realistically sustainable?

In my opinion, there a few important conditions for this somewhat utopic plan to be able to work in the long-run.

  1. We must have enough land such that everyone can eventually have their own house (even if it’s small), some degree privacy, and enough space to develop some agricultural projects, which will definitely become a pillar to our sustainability in such a place, as at the very least, they will provide us with some fruits and vegetables.
  2. We must have an infrastructure such that friends can come live there, even if they have little or no money
  3. We must be somewhat close to waves, for us surfers.  If we are far from the coast, I honestly have a hard time imagining myself living there for the rest of my life
  4. We must be able to each individually make enough money in order to sustain ourselves there.  This is absolutely necessary.  Even though the cost of living will be very low if we have animals, fruits and vegetables, I know we all will want to visit our families and travel regularly, so we all need some income.
  5. We must be a few hours from some kind of city.  I think we should rule out extremely isolated places as they make everything more difficult: travel to and from, construction, supplies, establishing businesses, etc..
  6. I think we need internet access.  For me, I can use the internet to sustain myself as I live there, doing freelance translation projects part-time.

Although it’s kind of an unpleasant subject, I want to talk about the finances.  Obviously we are all in different financial situations, and we need a plan that works for all of us.  I think the plan should be roughly as follows: those who have money should purchase a big piece of land (I envision 10 to 100 acres = 5-50 hectares) together, or even better would be to purchase several pieces of land side by side, covering this same area.  If say there are three investors: two who put 25,000 and one who puts 50,000, I think the ideal scenario would be to get for example, two 10 acre pieces, and one 20 acre piece, all adjacent.  I am not really sure about this, and of course the buying conditions/options depend on the place we choose, but I think that if several of us just buy just one piece, all investing different amounts, the following issues could eventually come up:

– does someone who invests more have more “decision power” when it comes to community projects?

-Would allowing/disallowing projects be decided democratically?  It seems like how to best use the land could become a point of contention if the land is shared

-what happens if one of the friends comes into a financial crisis and wants to sell his portion, but since it is just one single shared piece of land, a portion can’t be sold off?

These questions come to my mind, but I’m quite undecided on this subject… Indeed the best course of action seems debatable.  Im curious about the opinions of our more financially savvy friends..

One thing that I think would be nice (if possible) would be to plan it in such a way that a person can eventually buy back the piece of land they settle on, so that when they save up and eventually have a family and stuff, they can feel like it is theirs.  For example, (totally hypothetical), if Cabeza comes in with $0 to invest, but builds with everyone’s help a nice log cabin, and a big beautiful orchard specializing in cucumbers, African violets and rare raspberries, on 1 acre,  he should be able to eventually buy that acre back from the original investor, once he starts exporting his raspberries and making money.

Financial matters can be a sensitive subject, but I think we should discuss them openly… we will have to at some point.. when we are not smoking..

As far as the projects on the land are concerned: I have a lot of different ones running through my mind! And I think they could all be successful! I am thinking seriously about:

-having a big orchard and chickens and pigs

-starting a go school

-starting a production of cheeses

-starting a small rehabilitation center/ spiritual retreat

My personal financial involvement: as some of you know, it seems like I am randomly going to inherit quite a bit of money from someone I’ve never met.  It still is unclear how much, and it’s far from definite, but the situation looks promising.  Ask me about it, it’s a good story!  Could you ask for a bigger sign??  Llego la hora para la comunidade!!!  So anyways, I would be willing to invest around 50g, possibly more, and I would be ready to buy a piece in 2012.  I think we need to explore some places first, and that’s my plan for the coming year.  At the end of February, we are going with Magali to Brazil for a month, for starters…  To me, the main candidates are: Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

One last point that I feel is important: I think “osvaldo dream” could be a bit of a misnomer.  This project is not just for members of Osvaldo.  Sadly, we will never be able to relive the incredible Osvaldo days of university.  This project is the beginning of a new era, and is based on the “spirit of osvaldo”, and will probably include only some of the members of osvaldo (los que se copan), and a bunch of new people.  I want us all to feel free to invite “gente copada” to this blog (for example, I just invited Magali’s sister Liu who is really interested in this project), as well as all others who believe in this dream and want to be a part of making it a reality……

Anyways, now it’s your turn!!

Abrazo a todos!!

A relaxing morning in la Villa III

Las Ideas y Propuestas del Momento

27 Nov

Hola Comunidad!

Gracias Canadiense por encarar con esta pagina. Soy creyente de que esta pagina nos va a dar una plataforma y una vision para hacer realidad nuestro sueño. Algunos ya nos empezamos a reunir y otros se han comiuicado por email pero ya hay algunos action steps being taken y los queria compartir con el grupo.

Las ideas y preguntas que se han ido generando son:

– Cuando va a empezar? (Yo digo ya, con pasos chicos)
– Donde va a ser el proyecto? (Lugar fisico)
– Cuales son las characterisitcas del proyecto que son imprescindibles para cada individuo?
– Cual es el objectivo del proyecto?
– y resumiendo un poco las preguntas de arriba, cual seria la descripcion o el mission statement del proyecto.

La iniciativa es crear para el domingo una serie de respuestas a las preguntas de arriba. Ninguna de las preguntas es excluyente asi que se pueden responder todas, algunas, ninguna o hacer comentarios sobre el proyecto. La idea es empezar a mover la pelota y ir generando planes de accion.

A continuacion van algunos links de los lugares que hemos estado mirando como ejemplos, porfavor no duden en agregar mas:

http://www.cazamance.com – restaurant senegales en austin
http://www.casadeluz.org – centro espiritual en austin, desde comida a workshops.
http://www.stonyfield.com – yogurts organicos
http://www.cafegratitude.com – restaurant vegetariano organico en San Francisco
http://www.belovefarm.com – granja organica que le provee productos a Cafe Gratitude.
http://www.surfingforchange.com – surfista activista que tiene ideas interesantes.
http://www.wwoof.org – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
– truth of farmer john – una peli en netflix de community gardening.

Les recomiendo mirar estas paginas y leer un poco sobre cada proyecto especificamente los mission statements.

Tenemos como objectivo de esta semana hacer un poco de research a traves de los links arriba y responder las preguntas de arriba para el Domingo que viene. Tambien tenemos una renunion para ir sobre las respuestas y crear otros action items.

El que este interesado por favor deje un comentario a este post asi los agrego en las invitaciones.

Por favor no duden en agragar informacion y seguir haciendo preguntas y proponiendo ideas en este blog!

Abrazo a todos!!!